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Welcome to LP, A Site with codes to different Islands and lots more. Updates on the game and other things.Ejoy your stay here :).

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New Layout for halloween & more

Date:10/24/21 TIME:2:21pm
hey whats up? have you heard of the new updates that are coming from ACNH so we have two new updates im gonng drop the links from youtube today we got 2.

New Layout

Date:9/11/21 - Time:4:02pm
I decided it was time to change the layout. hopefully i can put up some codes today..

Links not working

Date:8/10/21 - Time:5:06pm
I am working in the background to get this site back up and running. So bare with me if you are looking for codes they should be back up and running in a couple of days and then we will see what else i will be adding to the site and maybe some small little tutorials and dates when my game will be open so you can come by and pick up some things. Sharing is caring! talk soon!!