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Welcome to LP, A Site with codes to different Islands and lots more. Updates on the game and other things.Ejoy your stay here :). Hope you will enjoy your stay at the Island of Love Pietro.

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New Layout! 2022

2/18/2022 - 11:32pm - Swept away by: Lennon stella & Maddie conrad
Hey whats up? its been a while hasn't it. I know i did some update back in oct and had a very old old layout from oct. It's gonna come back better then ever. There just really hasn't been any news on ACNH. I hear there is a new update that i haven't seen whats fix or whats new because i haven't played in so long to really tell you. But i also want to add some other games as well like "Zelada" and just the ones i play so that it can be just one big thing of only games that i play and thats not really many because honestly it just some games make me dizzy. But we will see i just want this site to grow and it really hasn't to be honest.. Id like to keep it until it expires. Talk soon!